The searchable index of 128,000 emails from Hunter's laptop is an amazing resource. Also very timely when grifters like Blinken are in the news.

Another is the email from Burisma where the head writes to Hunter saying that he needs INFLUENCE and then they scramble to document the contract. Burisma writes back that they see the proposed scope of work is very wordy and vague but they understand and so long as the parties are in agreement as to the intent they are willing to commit to the millions of dollars for Hunter's services.

Email indicating they want to purchase INFLUENCE from Hunter and gang.


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Journalism has changed! News surfing for facts/un-opinions is hard to do well! News bubblegum of MSM’s poisoned pablum is everywhere in different degrees. Marco Poli has done REAL CiITIZENS great service by publishing facts of the infamous Biden Crime family informing us of how Hunter & Dad, & James are grifting the shit from America. I pray

MP stays alive & viable; oh, subscribing/paying for hard news must be done, so do it!

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Often wonder if the world in general and the United States specifically will ever come to realize what Marco Polo has achieved since it undertook the breakdown of The Laptop From Hell. I cannot thank you all enough for your amazing work and dedication to the TRUTH. There is no doubt in my mind that The Most High - GOD himself touched every one of you and let you know that you are doing His work!!!

I can imagine that there are many stories to be shared about the fortitude and courage bestowed upon you as you took on this part of the Global Monster.

Stay safe and stay blessed

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