Thank you Marco Polo!!!

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Even if the Feds were looking for the truth it would have cost the taxpayers tens of millions to accomplish, to bring truth to light the way these folks have done . For those not familiar with their work they have done with the Biden Laptop and other documents what the Federal Government has been unwilling to do ........ exposed the truth

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Brilliant! Garrett, you and your team renew my faith in humanity! May the Lord God Bless You and keep you safe and free from harm.

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What would be a great add would be some topic summaries with links

a sample

The Ukrainian deal in the words of the Biden team and Burisima

05/12/2014. Problems to be solved


05/25/2014. Boies Schiller lawfirm on retention of consultants


06/20/2014. background from Ukraine partners. . Restructuring prosecution


11-02-2015. Burisima responds to the proposal from Hunter and Partners


“the first thing is that the suggested scope of work is largely lacking concrete tangible results that we set out to achieve in the first place, mostly focusing on the process. Also, it doesn't offer any names of top US officials here in Ukraine (for instance, US Ambassador) or Ukrainian officials (the President of Ukraine, chief of staff, Prosecutor General) as key targets for improving Nikolay's case and his situation in Ukraine.

If, however, this is done deliberatly to be on the safe and cautious side, I can understand the rationale. And if all parties in fact understand the true purpose of the BS engagement and all our joint efforts, it's ok and we should proceed immediately. “

Information on the areas in which Burisma Needs Biden Influence



Joe describes firing the prosecutor. In the NFL he would be penalized for spiking the ball after a touchdown.

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