Mission & Leadership

Marco Polo (MP) is a nonprofit (501c3) research group with a mission of exposing corruption & blackmail. MP is applying the skills, resources, & methods of private investigative work to opposition research—not for the benefit of any particular party or faction, but for the American People as a whole. MP's mission is inspired by the belief that corruption & blackmail are a corrosive gangrene for any government & polity, but especially for a constitutional republic such as the one the American founders bequeathed to us. Our charity's work is defined by an adherence to sobriety & truth above all else, no matter who the truth implicates or exonerates.

MP was founded in 2021 & spent its first year writing the Report on the Biden Laptop, a 644-page dossier on the infamous, abandoned device. The Report is a comprehensive & authoritative rundown describing 459 violations of state & federal laws & regulations which are present on the hard drive. Since the Report's publication in October 2022, MP has been the victim of an onslaught of egregious lawfare from the American first family & their benefactors/associates. This lawfare is meant to push MP out of existence, but it has only strengthened the resolve of MP & its thousands of donors & dozens of volunteers across America.

Garrett Ziegler is the founder & chairman of Marco Polo. Ziegler served as an Associate Director (Office of Trade & Manufacturing Policy) in the White House under President Donald J. Trump from 2019-2021. He received a degree in economics from Saint Louis University & lives in Illinois with his wife & children.

MP's board of directors also includes Jim Clark & Brendan Shattles, who provide oversight & guidance on a wide range of legal & private investigative issues. To contact a member of MP's board of directors, click here.